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Engineering plastics exhibit close tolerances and higher performance than more commonly used plastic materials. These properties make engineering plastics and steel ideal for various applications that require dimensional stability. It is also easier to manufacture quality as far as the weight-to-strength ratio goes, especially compared to traditional engineering materials.

Engineering steels have similar properties. These types of steel usually incorporate trace amounts of one or more alloying elements besides carbon, including aluminium, chromium, copper, titanium, nickel, and silicone. It produces superior properties not found in regular carbon steel. 

Alloy steels typically respond better to heat and mechanical treatments than carbon steels. These engineering steels have numerous industrial applications because of their outstanding mechanical properties, ease of processing, wide availability, and economical cost.

Modern industry focuses on improved performance as efficiency becomes more of a priority. Engineering plastics and steel offer various benefits, such as speed, quality, durability, and resistance to external factors. The aim is to provide high-performance applications that run seamlessly with minimum maintenance. 

At Kildare Engineering Supplies Ltd., we have a wide range of engineering plastics and steel materials in stock. Feel free to talk to our professionals about finding the right materials for your next engineering endeavour.

Multi Use



Engineering plastics bring out the superior properties of polymers. These include a lower coefficient of friction, chemical resistance, weight-saving properties, heat resistance, and mechanical strength. Browse our extensive portfolio of engineering plastics for the right material for your project.


High-performance plastics can withstand extreme environments while maintaining performance. These applications include fluctuating temperatures, high velocity or high pressure, and more. You can count on Kildare Engineering Supplies Ltd. for the right material in terms of performance and cost.

Engineering Steel Bar

Engineering steel bars appear throughout the construction industry to strengthen concrete. Produced to meet the highest quality standards, these bars are durable and reliable. Our engineering steel bars are available in various specifications, suitable for a range of engineering projects.

Hot Finished Hollow Bar

Hot finished hollow bars find numerous applications in mechanical and structural engineering projects. They’re commonly used for curved frames and are much easier to bend. Kildare Engineering Supplies Ltd. stocks an extensive range of hot-finished hollow sections in various sizes—call us today for more information.

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