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Most electronic devices are delicate machines that can be challenging and sometimes even dangerous to work on without the proper tools. The EGA line of specially-designed ESD antistatic tools makes working on fragile electronics as straightforward a process as possible. Made from Cr-V steel, their ESD screwdrivers and pliers ensure high precision maintenance and long-lasting durability.

The primary purpose of ESD antistatic tools is to inhibit the chance of an electrostatic discharge. This effect happens when electricity jumps between two objects of different electrical potentials. These discharges are common when using regular tools on electronic components and can often cause severe damage to things like computer parts or even cause the ignition of flammable liquids.

While EGA ESD antistatic tools are not insulated and shouldn’t be used for work that requires them to be, their ergonomic, mechanical designs allow for the safe dissipation of electrostatic charge. The bi-material grips allow for the careful handling of fragile components while keeping the user’s hands protected from electricity.

A method to disperse static is an essential trait for computer lab technicians. If you’d like to purchase high-quality antistatic tools, you can contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Safety advice:

Do not confuse ESD tools with insulated ones. ESD tools should not be used with components subject to electrical voltage.

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