Non Magnetic Titanium


Working around sensitive electronic equipment requires specialised tools to avoid severe damage to the equipment’s components. The most critical feature for tools used around computer parts is non-ferrous material so that external magnetic fields don’t interfere with the machine’s operation. EGA Master offers a wide range of non-magnetic titanium tools to provide the best in quality and safety.

Standard or stainless steel alloys cannot be made entirely non-ferrous, which is why titanium’s non-magnetic properties make it an excellent substitute. EGA Master manufactures its titanium tools with titanium alloy 64I-4V, the most commonly used mixture with applications in multiple fields, including aviation, aerospace, and the military.

Non-magnetic titanium has become a necessity while in workplaces with delicate equipment, and the quality of EGA Master tools has made it one of the go-to brands for these high-quality tools. They are so well-known for their equipment’s high standards that their tools have even been used at the CERN Laboratory on the Large Hadron Collider.

EGA’s titanium equipment is more resistant to corrosion and rust than steel, and the tools are lighter in weight as well. If you need long-lasting non-magnetic titanium tools, call Kildare Engineering supplies at 086-2449510!

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