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Fasteners play an integral role in holding machinery components together. Nuts and bolts are the most common type of fasteners and essential in the creation of numerous common products. Without fasteners, millions of products and engineering endeavours would be rendered useless.

A nut is a type of mechanical fastener with a threaded hole. We often use nuts together with a mating bolt to hold components together and provide stability. The bolt is a threaded fastener featuring an external male thread that requires a matching female thread, like a nut. 

Bolts are similar to screws in many effects, but the main difference is visual—bolts feature blunt tips, and you must place nuts on the end of a bolt to make a robust connection. Nuts and bolts have a wide range of applications and come in every size and material imaginable.

Common bolt types include the carriage bolt, hex bolt, machine screw, and stud bolt. 

Nuts include cap nuts, castles nuts, hex nuts, coupling nuts, flange nuts, and locknuts, to name a few.

Kildare Engineering Supplies Ltd. is your one-stop-shop for nuts and bolts with a large range of equipment and engineering applications to meet all your project needs, including nuts and bolts.

Multi Use



Socket heads are also known as Allen head screws. These are useful in a range of applications that require a strong screw or bolt for limited access. You will need a hexagonal or shaped wrench to fasten a socket head.


Anti-dumping nuts and bolts are available in various sizes to suit different applications. Kildare Engineering Supplies Ltd. provides many nuts and bolts from some of the most trusted brands globally. You’ll find competitive prices and a choice of materials.


Fastener nuts and bolts work in tandem, holding various components together. Once you insert the bolt through the two pieces you want to join, you fasten it in place using a nut at the end.


A Fillister Head Machine Screw is also known as a Cheese Head Screw. It goes through a nut or pre-tapped hole to form a mating head for that screw, similar to a pan-head machine screw, but higher on the side. These are the preferred head type for counter-bored holes.

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