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Safety signs and signals are critical communication tools that indicate various hazards or dangerous substances in the workplace or plant site. These safety signs and symbols aid equipment users and warn those on-site to be vigilant in those areas. It is crucial in preventing accidents on worksites, such as construction projects, heavy industry, and manufacturing.

Without health and safety signs, employees could be unaware of the risks, which leaves employers legally accountable. If you want to get the most out of health and safety symbols, choose the right ones for each location for which you are responsible. Each work area has different hazards, so follow the signals regulations (1996) carefully for guidance.

It is best to ensure that everyone quickly and readily understands the safety signs and symbols for your products, work areas, or activities. There are prescribed signs and signals regulations that responsible parties should use to indicate safe conditions, warn of hazards, and indicate any prohibited activities. For instance, the 1996 Health and Safety Regulations require employers to provide safety signs where risks can’t be adequately reduced or avoided. 

Kildare Engineering Supplies Ltd. has an extensive range of safety signs and symbols to help you prevent workplace accidents.

Multi Use



Corriboard signs are an ideal solution for temporary outdoor or indoor signage. The lightweight PVC material is robust and resistant to weathering and UV light. Our Corriboard safety signs work well for construction sites, events, and directional signage.


Glass windows are potential hazards in the event of a collision. You can lower the risk of injury with glass awareness face-adhesive vinyl signs. These safety signs go on the inside of the window so that employees and visitors can read it.


Site signs allow you to post job site safety rules and policies to keep your staff and the public safe. We are proud to offer a wide selection of site signs and building safety notices to meet the legal requirements of site owners and operators.


Floor safety stickers help to point out safety equipment and exits, marking passageways and aisles. It is simple to prevent workplace accidents and provide much-needed safety messaging with our durable and high-quality floor stickers that adhere well to most surfaces.

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