In a machine or an industrial facility, motors and turbines utilise energy to produce rotation. You need to transmit this mechanical motion to other components to perform productive work. A transmission system achieves this task for gear drives, belt drives, or chain drives. 

We can define these transmission component tools as the key to a power transmission system. It provides a controlled power application, and virtually all machines have motion and power transmission systems in order to function.

While there are numerous ways to generate power, it’s almost impossible to produce power in the specific area where it is needed or in the correct form, direction, or magnitude. The only solution is electrical and mechanical transmission systems, which prove essential in the industry of engineering product design and many other applications.

Transmission systems are useful in a wide range of industries, including textile, food and beverage, mining, agriculture, gas, and oil. Kildare Engineering Supplies Ltd. is a premier supplier of these types of mechanical transmission products in Ireland. We stock a wide range of transmission equipment, including sprockets, v-belts, pulleys, chains, and taper locks. 

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V-Belts are the most widely used drive belt within power transmission systems. It transmits mechanical power from the main source to a secondary unit. If you want a superior combination of load distribution, traction, speed transfer, and durability, v-belts suffice.


A pulley is a wheel on a shaft or axle to facilitate the movement and direction of a belt (or cable). It also supports mechanical power transmission between the shaft and cable. Kildare Engineering Supplies Ltd. covers all fixed, movable, or compound pulleys.


The chain drives promote mechanical power transmission from one place to another. It is useful in myriad industrial applications, including rigging and moving heavy materials, operating conveyor belts, or hydraulic lift truck forks. It also regulates output speed by varying gear ratios between driver and sprocket.


A sprocket is a cogged wheel that fits into a shaft perfectly. Sprockets are an essential component of power transmission systems, facilitating a chain or shaft rotation. Kildare Engineering Supplies Ltd. stocks a range of sprockets to suit your specific needs.

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