Underwater Tools


For professionals who typically work in underwater environments, reliable, hardy tools that can handle the rigours of sub-sea work are vital. EGA Master offers a comprehensive range of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment built to operate normally at all depths accessible to divers. Each tool will work reliably on any underwater location, including sunken boats, submerged structures, and oil rigs.

EGA’s catalogue of underwater tools include:

Grinders – work with various materials and come with several different insertion tools to fit any job. EGA also carries several varieties of grinder that can work under more intense pressure than the standard equipment.

Drills – essential for boring through thick materials in underwater locales, EGA drills are built solid and are powerful. Also, the drill can be set to accompany the drill head’s rotation with a percussive motion for more efficient underwater operation.

Reciprocating Saws – built for durability and can handle the underwater pressure of the maximum depth that divers are allowed to go. These saws can make straight cuts, curved cuts, cross cuts, and others.

To get a set of underwater tools that you can rely on for a deep-diving job, call Kildare Engineering Supplies at 086-2449510 today!

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Impact Drill
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Angle Grinder

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