Like heart valves, titanium or stainless-steel control valves are mechanical devices that regulate flow. It can start or stop the flow, throttle it, prevent backflow, or relieve pressure in fluid or gaseous handling systems. You can check valve configurations for various uses and types of valves, including for fluids, applications, materials, and environmental conditions. 

The common valve types include ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, and diaphragm valves. Others are the plug valve, piston, and pinch, globe, knife gate, and parallel slide valves. 

Valves have a vast range of uses, including pipeline services, controlling industrial processes, and residential applications. A quarter turn or fully open valve finds use in everyday items such as taps and pressure or flow control in dishwashers and laundry machines. 

HVAC systems, aerosol spray cans, and other compressed systems also use valves. You’ll also find valves ubiquitous in the military and transport worlds. 

Valve manufacturers ensure their products meet required Europena standards and other necessary certifications. Kildare Engineering Supplies Ltd. upholds these same standards as your one-stop-shop for any valve, open to supplying equipment to various industries in Ireland. We provide the most trusted global brands at the most competitive prices for all your project needs.

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A gate valve is a linear motion valve that starts or stops the flow. It’s the most common type of valve in any process plant and used in HVAC, steam, agricultural, water treatment and distribution (WRAS), and general industrial applications.


Designed to handle high pressure in industrial processes, industrial valves withstand years in harsh conditions. Heavy-duty, industrial-grade valves are essential in most utilities, including water, gas, and oil. Kildare Industrial Supplies Ltd. offers a range of industrial valves to suit any project.


Affectionately known as safety relief valves, these fittings protect property, life, and the environment. Their work is to regulate or limit the pressure in a system, which might otherwise hit dangerous levels. Safety valves allow pressure to escape into a secondary passage.


The butterfly valve aptly represents a wing-like action in the disc that functions at right angles to the flow. Butterfly valves appear in wastewater, process, and power plants for regulating and isolating purposes. These valves are simple and reliable, in sizes from 40mm to 1000mm.

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